How To Install Google Translate For iPhone App?

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In this advance and modern era, the mobile phones are the illusions and wonderful invention for the peoples. There is broad range of simple and versatile tools include in the smart phones applications that supports the various languages and offers the SMS translator. However, these applications are incredibly simple to use.

About Google translation

Through the world’s easiest and quick way, you can organized and add the digital media collection in your mobile devices. Google translation application plays a vital role in the smart phones such as black berry and iPhone. With this application, you can translate the phrases and specific words in more than sixty languages. Now, it is very simple and easier way to read out the text on mobile screen and display the translation to individual you’re conversation or communicating with.

Download & Installed Guide:

By using the internet faculty, you can download the Google translate from the app store globally. Follow some informative instructions to know how to install Google translate for iPhone.

  • Go online and visit the link .
  • Look at the main menu of this website and scroll down the option “Mobile Apps”.
  • There are lots of applications available to download.
  • Click on the option “Google translate”.
  • Now the installation option will be displayed in the next page.
  • Click on the marked button “send translate to iPhone”.
  • Here, you can directly download the application from the app store.
  • Fill out the requirements in the window that is displayed on your screen.
  • You will enter your mobile phone number in the required field.
  • Choose the preferred country from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the button “send a text message to your phone”.
  • The appropriate link will be sent to your iPhone.
  • Copy this link and navigate in the mobile web browser.
  • Finally, you can download the set up file in your mobile device.
  • Run this application file in your mobile and use it with ease.


The application has appropriate and powerful major features of web app and also has an ability to view the results of dictionary for the single words. Even, you can access the starred translation or translation history when you are offline. It can also be help to you when you are facing the unfamiliar phonetics.

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