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Albertsons is an American grocery store company based in Idaho. This company offers online recipe box and different ways for a healthy living on its official website. It also offers money saving coupons for its regular customers. You can make your own shopping list on this website and sign up for different deals offered by Albertsons. This company also offers an online platform for placing orders for cakes and deli trays.

Follow these steps:

  • Open the official website Find the option Our Stores and select Take online survey. A new tab is opened displaying the survey.
  • Select the state where you visited the Albertsons store and choose store from the list displayed in its respective tab. Enter your Email address and click Next
  • Enter the date of your visit to the store. A loading bar indicates the percentage completion of the survey.
  • Give your suggestions for improving your shopping experience. Check the window below if you want to be contacted regarding your feedback.
  • A thanking message is displayed indicating that survey is completed. You can exit the screen and go back to the official website.

Albertsons has official links on many media platforms such as facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, instagram, iOS and has android. This chain of stores has a number of departments including bakery & deli, cakes, butcher block etc. It also offers a specific online link to view latest items on sale. The pharmacy department offers options of online prescription refills, diet for diabetic patients etc. The official website offers an option of finding your nearest store by inputting your location and searching for the nearest store. This company has an online blog for its customers as well.

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