Get Your Bloomingdales Beauty Card And Earn Points On Every Order

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Bloomingdales is a multinational retailer based in the UK. Discover the latest trends and fashion for women’s, men’s clothes, beauty products, shoes, handbags, furniture, gifts and much more in store and online. Visit today and explore the new collection. Online shopping is convenient, easy and fast.
Beauty Card:
Use Debenhams Beauty Card to collect and spend points on your favorite beauty products and fragrance brands online and in-store.
• Go to link to get started.
• Press the “Login” button.
• Enter your username and passcode to log in securely.
• Click the “Log In” button.
Forgotten Security:
• Confirm if you have forgotten your password or memorable date.
• Enter your username and click “Submit” button.
Call the customer service team on 08445 61 61 61 number, if you have forgotten your username.
• Hit on “Register” button to proceed.
• You will access the online card registration service.
• Type your card number.
• Choose title.
• Enter your first name and last name.
• Provide your date of birth.
• Choose country name.
• Enter postcode to find the address.
• Provide your contact information.
• Enter your email address.
• Confirm email address.
• Type your landline number as well as mobile number.
• Check the box if you do not wish to receive offers and promotions.
• Click the “Proceed” button.
• Follow the instructions to complete the registration.
Use Your Card To Shop:
• Select your favorite brand.
• Click on the image to begin.
• Choose a right size from the menu list.
• Pick up the quantity you want to order.
• Click on the “Add To Bag” button.
• Your item will be added to your cart by hitting the button.
• Once done, press the “Secure Checkout Now” button.
• See the summary of your cart contents.
• Press the “Go To Checkout” button.
Returning Shopper:
• Please login to your account and complete your order fast.
• Enter email address.
• Choose “I’m A Returning Customer” button.
• Type your password.
• Hit the “Continue” button.
Forgotten Password:
• Press the related link to reset your account password.
• Enter your email address in specified box.
• Press “Reset Password” button.
• You will get a link via email so you can reset your password. Use the email address you provided when setting up your account
New Customer:
If you are visiting and shopping for the very first time at this website, create your customer profile to make your ordering faster and convenient.
• Choose “I’m A New Customer” option.
• Press “Continue” button.
• Identify how you would like to collect your order.
• Fill out the form for home delivery.
• Choose title.
• Enter your first name and last name.
• Provide your phone number.
• Click the down arrow to choose country/region.
• Enter house number/number.
• Provide postcode.
• Press “Use this Address” button.
• Complete further steps.
• Enter payment information to complete checkout application.
• Payment information: Provide credit card information.
• Select payment method.
• Enter your credit card ID, security code, and expiry date.
• Complete all steps and submit your order.
Wait for one to three working days to ship your order at your doorsteps. Distribution time rests on the endpoint. Your payment information must be valid. Check inbox to receive confirmation and tracking number.
Track Order:
• Click “Here” to access the tracking page.
• Provide order number.
• Enter postcode.
• Or type your email address.
• Hit the “Search” button.
• Log in to manage your order. You can track order details and view old orders history.
Your data is safe and secure. The company provides best security standards for the protection of your personal information and will never rent or sell payment and contact details with unrelated parties. Shop with confidence and enjoy your shopping spree.
Contact Info:
• Click “Here” to access the “Contact Us” page on the website.
• You can search all help topics through a search bar.
• See the available list of phone numbers.
For assistance, contact customer service team.


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