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  • Open the website www.fidelity.com.
  • Main screen displays Fidelity International Usage Agreement. Read the agreement carefully and click on I Accept option. If you agree with the terms and conditions. This click takes the user to Fidelity.com official website. Alternatively, you can click on I Decline and see international options.
  • I Decline tab takes the user to a webpage showing Fidelity Solutions for International Investors. You have two options here:
  • Continue to Fidelity Worldwide Investment (FWI).
  • Continue to Fidelity Canada

FWI informs its users about the worldwide investment, locations from where the investment can be made, contact information and organization information.

Fidelity Canada link gives information about the fidelity.com among users in Canada. This link informs users about different kinds of mutual funds for example equity funds, asset allocation and balanced funds, fixed income funds etc. A window of market updates in the form of a table is given on this page as well. Investors can login here by clicking the Login window and inserting username and password. Investors have an option of changing and resetting their passwords by opening the Change password and Reset password tab respectively.

  • Logging in to your account after clicking I Accept in step 2, takes you to www.fidelity.com. Click on Customer Log In button on top left corner of the page and enter your login information i.e. Username and Password.
  • You can also register as a new user by clicking Register Now link on top right hand side under the title New User?

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