File An Unemployment Benefits Claim At Fluid Now

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DEO (Florida Department of Economic Opportunity) facilitates the citizens of Florida to present economic programs and financial funds by developing state’s economic vision. DEO works in close collaboration with its partners in order to achieve its goals. It offers different economic opportunities to job seeker community as well. One of the programs is filing claims for unemployment and re-employment.


To file an unemployment benefits claim, one must follow the following sequence of steps:

  1. Open the website This website leads directly to the Claims Process of DEO. In the window pane at left hand side of the page, a list of issues on which claims can be filed, is displayed. Click on Emergency Unemployment Compensation.
  2. Read the description in the centre of webpage under the titleEmergency Unemployment Compensation”. Eligibility to file this claim is based on three tiers of benefits:
    1. Tier I and Tier II provide 54% of the amount of individual’s state claim.
    2. Tier III provides 35% of the amount of individual’s state claim.
  3. In order to be qualified to file this claim, the job seeker’s final regular re-employment assistance benefit payment must be for the week ending December 21, 2013. (This claim would be filed on the date December 28, 2013 and for later years, the website will upload updated time and date).
  4. On the off chance that you have been getting EUC profits and you got a last installment notice for EUC Tier I or II, you will be sent a determination letter of fiscal qualification for your next level of qualification and will naturally be selected into Tier II or III
  5. You can also seek assistance from the official staff via contact information given under Contacts in the right corner or asking question online by E-mailing under Do you have a question?

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