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The Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey, set up at outlet is a private company which offers a chain of grocery stores. It provides its services as grocery seller chain of stores which offers its customers discount rates and encourages them to bargain for the grocery items. It has a number of outlets at different locations such as California, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and many more. It has more than 150 branches in different states of U.S.A and is head-quartered in Berkeley. To encourage the internet users to shop at these stores, the company displays savings by the customers done on daily basis on its online portal. You can make an account on the official websiteto receive the latest news updates and discount information and subscribe to its mailing or messaging service. You can also follow the company via facebook to see updates related to promotional offers and latest deals.


  • Open the page to take the survey.
  • Choose the language from the two choices which are English and Spanish.
  • Enter date and code of the survey from your receipt.
  • Click the “Begin survey” button to get started.
  • Provide answer for each question in accordance with the instructions given with each question. You are also welcome to provide your own suggestions and comments regarding the performance of staff members, grocery store items, their availability and the time it took you to find your required items.

You can contact official staff by clicking the Contact us tab in case if you need help. You can also click the “Need help” button at the start of survey to ask any questions related to survey the survey.

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