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Monster is an online employment solution platform to connect employers with job seekers by serving as a middleware portal. Users can make connections using this website and search for jobs or employees by utilizing the solutions provided by this company. To find a job using, follow these steps:

  1. Open the link
  2. Select your country from the provided list of countries under the categories Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Pacific Rim.
  3. Sign in by inserting username or Email ID and password in the window pane displayed at right side. You can also join the monster community by clicking Join us
  4. Submit your Email ID to sign up.
  5. Enter the following information to get started with monster:
    1. Email address, first name
    2. Last name
    3. Desired username
    4. Choose a password
    5. Re-enter password
  6. Enter the following personal details
    1. Nationality
    2. Current location
    3. Mobile number
    4. Gender
  7. Enter your professional details which include:
    1. Job type
    2. Total experience
    3. Current industry
    4. Function
    5. Key skills
  8. If you have a resume ready as a word document or PDF file, enter the resume title and upload it by clicking “Choose file”. You can also copy/paste your resume details in the link provided in Click here
  9. Check the respective statements to notification, promotions and special offers.
  10. Read the terms and conditions and check the respective statement.
  11. Submit your educational qualification, work experience, other information and optional information.
  12. Reconfirm the information on the next page to proceed.
  13. After completing the profile, hover your computer pointer over mPower Search Jobstab in the main menu. You can search for a new job in under following categories:
    1. Advanced job search
    2. Job by industry
    3. Job by company
    4. Job by location
    5. Monster on mobile
    6. Government jobs
    7. Contract jobs
    8. Walkins
    9. Special ability jobs
    10. Monster college

Click on the link of your required job designation to apply for this job. Monster provides its services in a number of countries. To take help from the official staff, use the contact information using the Contact us tab.

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