Pay Your Publishers Clearing House Bill Online

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PCH is located in Port Washington, New York. It is a marketing company which offers a number of quality products and promotional deals and offers for selling these products to their customers. Introduced in 1953, the company started its business in a garage and developed over the years.


PCH works online by offering its users an online platform to play games and win cash prizes as well as gift cards. Users can pay for the games that they already played using their online account. This can be done using the following steps:

  1. Open the website in your browser.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom most corner and find a row of options starting with “About PCH”. Second option in this row is Pay Online. Click here to proceed.
  3. A new window will open in your browser which will ask you to sign in to your account with the help of customer ID and Zip/ Postal code.
  4. Sign in to your account to view your orders, your history of payments and the payments that have to be made. Go to My account and clicking on “Manage order, Pay online/ track order” button.

PCH facilitates the users by answering their questions regarding games, payment methods, registering account etc in “Frequently Asked Questions” section. The official webpage displays a number of advertisements of the games which can be played using this website. The page shows a number of options in its main menu bar using which users can view a list of winners, see tips for winning games, have a look at his savings etc. The page also defines a new user friendly way of displaying updates. Users can see updates by clicking the plus sign at top right corner where “What’s new” is written

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