Make A Payment By Using Skylight One Card

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Skylight® Payoptiontm Program encourages the clients to pay at diverse departmental stores, lodgings and shops with the assistance of its online entryway or utilizing phone/ cell. Utilizing the Skylight ONE card, a client can shop at wherever where expert cards and platinum cards are acknowledged. You can additionally profit transaction utilizing this card basically by utilizing ATM machine. You can compose checks for diverse individuals and in addition yourself utilizing this card and pay your service bills or whatever other bill which needs to be paid.


Skylight facilitates its clients with an online discussion to enroll online on its official page and keep on appreciating profits and special offers and so on. To make another record, take after these steps

  1. Open the official page of Skylight which is
  2. You can register as a new customer by going to the Registration/ Activation option or login of you already have an account.
  3. With the help of this account, manage your transactions, bill payments and money transfer.
  4. Follow the instructions given at each step to pay your bills. You can log in any time using this account by using the login window on main page of the website.

Skylight financial offers its clients help in the Help segment by noting all their inquiries and giving subtle elements of distinctive subjects. You can sign up for getting cautions of your card action by giving your contact data. The framework will send upgrades of measure of cash in your record at every transaction on your PDA. You can likewise exchange cash from your record to the next card holders utilizing Skylight

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