Apply For Your Social Security Benefits Online

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Social Security is a government department of The United States of America. This department offers a number of facilities to U.S. citizens by using the tax money and government provided budget to facilitate old and disabled people of the country as well was retired employees of different government companies. The program was presented for the first time by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. At the beginning, it only offered retirement plans but with the passage of time, this department managed to increase the helping programs to ensure the well being of U.S. citizens. This department is also responsible for issuing social security cards to all the U.S. residents.


This program is presented to the U.S residents online on the Social Security webpage. You can use this online portal to read about the benefits and apply for these benefits as well. The services provided by this department are getting the social security statement, knowledge about benefits as a U.S. resident, making an estimate of future benefits etc. you can apply online using the following procedure:

  • Open the webpage
  • Click the option “Online service” which is represented as a pictorial icon of a laptop. This will lead you to the list of services.
  • Read the detail of services for which you want to apply. These services include retirement programs, disability programs etc. Click on the link where you wish to apply.
  • If you already tried to fill an application but discontinued the procedure in the middle, you can continue from the point where you left. If you want to fill a new application form, start by clicking the first option on the list.
  • Services are available in accordance with a schedule specified by government of U.S.A. fill and end the application during that period in order to make sure that official staff has started processing it.

In case if you need any help, contact the official staff members or go to the “Frequently Asked Questions” site.

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