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Walmart is a chain of departmental stores and dissemination focuses. This well known chain of stores offers a couple of sorts of things on retail offers its customers special reloadable prepaid cards to shop. These cards can be registered without any credit check, overdraft fee or bank account. These cards help the customers shopping all over the world where debit mastercards® or visa debit cards are acceptable. The cards are useful because customers do not have to pay any transaction fee and can shop online as well.

To activate your own card, follow these steps:

  1. Go to website This is the official website of Walmart card presented by Green Dot. You can buy a reloadable prepaid card of your choice.
  2. Click on About Our Products tab in main menu bar. See the available options of card represented by images of the respective cards along with their numbers. You can view details of each card by clicking Detailed view button under the respective card.
  3. Click the tab Get a card from main menu bar. Select the card that best suits from the list of available options and click Sign up by providing your personal information, card information, online access details and pharmacy discount.
  4. Walmart MoneyCard also facilitates its customers with option of setting up a purchased card by clicking on Set up a card purchased.
  5. You can activate your card by selecting the option Activate card received from main menu by entering information and clicking Next.
  6. Card holders have the option of adding money using cash or check by utilizing the Add money

For any help or questions, customers may view the FAQs section and post their question or seek help from already answered questions

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