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The weather channel is a television channel which covers news updates related to weather from all over the world and broadcast it. This channel is a property of United Stated of America and was found in 1982. The weather channel offers online services for its viewers so that viewers may have an easy access to the weather news. You can also register your mobile to get news updates from this channel using the following steps:

  1. Open the website
  2. Click Sign in tab on the top right corner of the website. Enter your Email address and password on the next page. Check Keep me signed in statement if you want to remain signed in even after closing the page. You can also sign in with your facebook account or google plus account by clicking the respective buttons. If you are not a registered user, sign up by clicking SIGN UP.
  3. To sign up, first step is to specify whether the location you are currently at is home or not. Click on NEXT button to proceed.
  4. The weather channel can send weather alerts to user via Email or text messages. Pictorial icons for both these options are displayed on right side of the page. To get weather updates via text messages, click on Text me! You can subscribe to both Email and text messages by checking both the options. Click NEXT, ONE LAST THING…
  5. Enter the following information to save your profile:
    1. Email address
    2. New password
    3. S. cell number for text alerts

Check “Keep me signed in for two weeks” statement if you want to remain signed in even after closing the website. The system will automatically sign you out after two weeks. Read the terms and conditions by clicking Terms of use. Also go through Privacy policy of the company and check the statement.

  1. You can specify you name with the weather channel. This step is optional and can be skipped. You can also share your weather by checking the statement given on this page. Click NEXT or SKIP.
  2. You can specify your date, month and year of birth. This step is also optional. You can click SKIP or ALL DONE based on your own will. Also click on the pictorial icon to select gender.

The weather channel is also available officially at facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram and youtube. You can also join any of these media to get updates.

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