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WebMD was started way back in 1996 as a health scape and has now acquired the WebMD name. It is an organization that contains information on health issues and other health related service.
With it you can find latest information on:

  • How to lose weight and success stories
  • How to administer loved ones vaccination
  • Get the latest news on the health Magazine.
  • Get information on how to check symptoms of various illnesses.

The account is actually easy to create but is very secure on that matter as no one can get access to you profile.
Procedure To Sign Up:

  • Internet connection
  • Computer

Detailed Guideline:

  • Go to the website
  • Locate the menu option “sign up” that is found at the top right corner of the page and the click on the button “sign up”
  • Proceed to enter your email address, password and on the drop down arrows enter your date of birth and click on the button sign up.

WebMD provides additional and advanced feature such the use of their iPhone app that can be used to the symptom for a certain disease. Also It is advantageous in that it can help to find a doctor in the area location of the patient. In addition, you can also subscribe to daily newsletter to get tips about men’s health, women’s health and the health insurance guide.

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